Allow me to gush for a moment…

Today is such an exciting day, I just had to take a moment to say THANKS again to all of you amazing people who actually take the time to read this thing.  You don’t know how much joy it brings me to have folks to share my ideas with.  The best part is hearing your thoughts and responses and knowing others are wrestling with the same questions and feelings.


1)TODAY I GOT MY 100th “LIKE!”  You all really know how to lift a girl’s spirits after a rough weekend!  Special thanks to Rachel J – my first ever “like” and April H. – my 100th “like.”  Welcome April!  It may sound silly, but I like to think of us all as one big virtual family where everyone can be whoever they are and voice any opinions (other than the desire to kill, mame, or otherwise attack me, I have to draw the line there).  You all are some of the smartest and most fascinating folks I’ve ever “met.”  You come from 15 countries and numerous cities and represent so many diverse identities, lifestyles, and perspectives.  What fun!

2)PODCAST RECOMMENDS UNDERCOVER – Just found out “Undercover” was recommended on this cool short podcast from Strong, Sexy, and Stylish.  I am so flattered to get a shout out from these awesome ladies trying to help women feel better about ourselves with a sex- and body-positive message.  Let’s all check out their blog and podcasts!

3)TEXAS REPRESENTATIVE MARY GONZALEZ POSTS A COMMENT – Finally got up the courage to post this post on Representative Gonzalez’s FB page – my response to finding out she’s the first out pansexual politician in the country.  Well, she commented on the post – wee!  I think she’s my hero.  Here’s what she wrote:

“I just wanted to say thank you for your blog post.  It reminded me why I decided to be “out.”  Thank you for making this process easier and more meaningful.”

Man, I just think she’s swell.  It would have been so easy for her to continue to identify as lesbian and not risk anything that might disrupt her political career, but she chose to send a message – pansexuals are out there!  I think I love her.

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WHY HAVE KIDS? – UNDERCOVER BOOK CLUB’s 1st Official Selection

Ok folks, here’s the plan:

For all those who are interested, we are going to read Why Have Kids by Jessica Valenti:

The book discussion will be the week of September 17.  Starting Monday Sept. 17, I will post a discussion question or prompt on the blog each day, Monday through Friday.  Monday, we will do general reactions, then I’ll move to more specific discussion topics.  If anyone wants to send me suggestions for discussion questions or topics in advance, of course you should feel free!  Please feel free to comment on any of the days to participate in the discussion.  Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of the book!

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UNDERCOVER BOOK CLUB – Why Have Kids? by Jessica Valenti

UNDERCOVER BOOK CLUB?? – I know at least a few of us are looking forward to reading this book. Thanks to Rachel J for the fantastic idea to have a virtual book club! I’m looking to find out if others are interested. Also let me know preferences for how long you need to read it, and suggestions for format of the virtual discussion.  More info will be coming soon. There is a link below with a short review of the book.  Looking forward to this!


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Mother’s Day

THIS SUNDAY, MAY 13, 2012 — Mother’s Day in the United States — women everywhere will simultaneously post this letter to their blogs, websites and Facebook pages, to honor the work of Mothers around the world.

YOU ARE INVITED TO ADD YOUR VOICE. To join our Mother’s Day Blog-In simply,

1. Copy & paste this letter on your blog, Facebook or Google+ page.

2. Add your name and links to your site, work or organization in the comments below. 

3. Tweet, share and post the link to your letter using the hashtag #MothersSpeakOut

We also invite all mothers to post a comment or image about their authentic, true reality as a mother — ones that they don’t often see reflected in the mainstream media.

* * * * * * * 

Together, Mothers Are Powerful. 

Last month’s furor over the remarks of political pundits and candidate’s wives launched a flurry of conversation among mothers.

Mothers have a voice of their own to add to the discussion. Authors, activists and others have been writing and identifying the issues raised this political season for decades, and women have been listening, again and again.

It’s time for mothers’ own voices to be heard.

We are a bi-partisan coalition of women’s organizations, experts, and writers who have diligently worked on bringing mother’s issues into the mainstream political discussion.

Some of us are advocates, and some are community organizations. Many of us are authors and experts about mothers’ lives as well.  All of us recognize the value of a mother’s contribution to her family, both the paid and unpaid work that women do.

Our message is simple: all mothers need more support.

This Mother’s Day we want to get the word out about our ideas, our work, and our priorities. We offer the following list to provide resources for real information and places for women to gather for intelligent discourse on the many problems — and solutions — to the issues facing mothers and families.

We offer this list as an alternative to the tired and cliched coverage of mothers in the mainstream media.

Please join your voice with ours this Mother’s Day. Together, Mothers are powerful.

* * * * *

Undercover in the Suburbs Featured on Ms. Magazine Blog

“Undercover” was featured this week on the Ms. Magazine’s Blog as part of the “Femisphere” series thanks to The Mamafesto’s Avital Norman Nathman.

Thanks to Avital, I was lucky enough to take part in a fascinating virtual round-table with a group of feminist “mommy” bloggers.  We talked about motherhood, feminism, and where the two meet both within our own lives, and in the blogosphere.

You can see the Ms. Blog here, or an extended account of the round-table on The Mamafesto here.  Both have links to the feminist sites that were included.


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