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Thanks to Ian Carr!

How many of us remember when we see images of women’s bodies on billboards and in magazines that those bodies were most likely created by a computer?  Airbrushing has been replaced by computer-altering bodies – a little extra padding can be eliminated with the click of a mouse.  We see these images and internalize them without even realizing it. And if we don’t even realize it, imagine what these images do to children and teen girls.

Imagine seeing this every time you looked in the mirror?   One way to combat unattainable body standards is to put more images of real women’s bodies out there and be examples of loving our bodies like this video produced by Glamour Magazine.  But what can we do about all those pesky images everywhere that are messing with our heads and everyone else’s??  We can start a movement to force ourselves and others to think – “computer generated” – when we see them.

Thanks to awesome fan Ian, undercoverinthesuburbs.com now has its very own form of peaceful resistance to such images – THESE AWESOME STICKERS!

Scan the bar code to see the “there is nothing wrong with your body” reminder above.  SO COOL!  Ian is way more technologically savvy than myself!

You can print out your own stickers using labels:

LABELS in word format (Avery 8160, but this can be changed)

LABELS in PDF format


OR, you can order a bumper sticker version here:


I want to see these stickers everywhere I go.  I want people to open magazines or look up at billboards and be forced to think about what they’re looking at.  Unrealistic portrayals of men’s bodies are fair game as well, of course.  Just please, people, use your special spy skills and don’t get arrested doing this.





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